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Instructions for Use and Care of the SUAD™ Device

The SUAD™ Device must be soaked in warm water, no hotter than what your finger can tolerate, for 1-2 minutes prior to insertion. The material that fits against your teeth is a thermo-molecular material that softens when heated, allowing for placement of the device. DO NOT USE VERY HOT WATER, as this will distort the device or destroy the thermo-molecular material.

Care and Cleaning of the Appliance:

  • Clean the appliance daily with non-whitening (non-abrasive) toothpaste.
  • Once every 3-7 days, soak the appliance in a commercial denture cleaner
    (5-Minute Polident or Retainer Brite is recommended). Any other solutions used to clean your appliance may damage the material.
  • When your appliance is not in your mouth, store it dry (not sitting in liquid) in the case provided. (This is especially important if you have a dog. Some people have had their appliances destroyed due to their dogs’ chewing on them!)

Insertion and Removal of the Appliance:

To insert your SUAD™ Device, place the appliance in WARM water for approximately 1-2 minutes to soften the inner material. Place the lower splint on the teeth, and seat it completely by pressing firmly on its right and left back sides. Move your lower jaw forward and seat the upper splint over the upper teeth, using your thumbs to press it into place on the right and left sides. Close together to be certain that the appliance is seated completely. DO NOT get into the habit of not completely seating the appliance and biting into it, to seat it—damage can occur that way!

To remove your SUAD™ Device, place your fingers on the upper borders of the upper splint and press firmly downward, “rocking” the splint form one side to the other until it releases from the teeth. Then remove the lower splint by placing your thumbs on both sides of the appliance at the lower borders, and firmly push upwards on one side then the other to “rock” the lower splint off the teeth. If the appliance is too rigid or retentive, try rinsing your mouth with warm water. If the use of warm water is required in order to remove your appliance, we will need to adjust it at your next office visit to achieve easier removal.

NOTE: The orthodontic elastics (rubber bands) on your appliance do not need to be replaced daily. Replace them every 2-3 weeks. Call our office when your supply is getting low; we will mail some to you. A normal-use supply of elastics is included in the fee for follow up office visits.

Advancing the Jaw Position:

  • The spacers (rings) will allow you to move your lower jaw position forward, which can increase the effectiveness of the device, if needed.
  • Begin by using the smallest spacer (red one). Place the spacer on the pad of your finger. Press the spacer onto the rod, and gently slide it down the rod.
  • Repeat these steps using the same sized spacer on the other side.

Preventing Changes in Your “Bite”:

After you remove your appliance in the morning, it is common for your bite to feel different, because your jaw has been held forward all night. You will need to help your jaw move back to its normal position. You may notice your front teeth contacting heavily, as well as difficulty in closing your back teeth together. In order to prevent permanent changes from occurring in your bite, it is important for you to do these simple exercises each morning.

Use of Your AM Positioner:

  • You will be using this device for approximately 15 minutes. Place the AM Positioner over your upper front teeth, then gently close your teeth into the indentations in the Positioner, hold them for approximately 2 seconds, and then release the lower teeth. Repeat this four times per minute, for a total of 15 minutes.
  • During the first 5 minutes, close your teeth GENTLY into the device. (It’s OK if the teeth won’t seat completely at first.) After that, you can close and clench more firmly into the AM Positioner.

After using this device for this 15-minute period, you should notice that your bite returns to normal. If not, please contact our office.

Important: It may take 4-8 weeks to determine the most effective jaw position for managing your snoring and/or sleep apnea condition. We are hopeful that you will notice an immediate improvement in your symptoms. However, it is usually necessary to advance the jaw slowly, over a period of time, to improve the effectiveness of the appliance and maintain the comfort of your jaw and teeth.


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